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The Artistic Links Story

Artistic Links cufflinks blend personality and flair with the sophistication of formal attire. Paul Dryson, curator of On the Cuffa exhibition celebrating the history of cufflinks, said it best: 

Every properly dressed person wears cufflinks. No one wants to invest millions with someone wearing button cuffs.

Most pieces in the Artistic Links collection are fashioned using antique Japanese buttons made of Satsuma or Arita porcelain. Produced in the early 1900s, these exemplary buttons depict culturally significant themes, The Seven Lucky Fortune Gods and Noh Masks

The formation of cufflinks, tie tacks, and other fine jewelry using these unique buttons preserves the distinctive character and extraordinary quality of the original designs. As each button was individually hand crafted, sizes and designs vary ever so slightly. A mold is taken of every button so each 18K gold bezel is a perfect fit. The result is a one of a kind piece of art to be both worn and cherished. 

Artistic Links Creator, Dr. Jerome Goldfischer

Jerome Goldfischer Artistic Links Creator

Doctor Jerome Goldfischer, collector, creator, and founder of Artistic Links, was a practicing cardiologist for over fifty years. He trained during an era when physicians were expected to abide by a uniform of dress shirts and ties. By adhering to this dress code, over the years he amassed a large collection of cufflinks and tie tacks to accompany his daily uniform of French cuffed shirts. However, few pieces of his collection were truly exciting to him.

An avid collector of antiquities, Dr. Goldfischer developed a fascination with Japanese porcelain buttons portraying two classic Japanese themes, Seven Lucky Fortune Gods as well as Noh Masks from the Noh Theater. These buttons, whose visual appeal and cultural history are unparalleled, soon became one of his most prized collections. 

A style-statement is born.

The combination of a professional dress code and a desire to personalize his attire led Dr. Goldfischer to fashion these buttons into cufflinks and tie tacks to complement his wardrobe. These unique accessories immediately received praise and recognition from patients, colleagues, and passersby, and thus a style-statement was born. 

After years of collecting, Dr. Goldfischer has accumulated a vast and varied array of these exquisite accessories. Although he still wears his professional wardrobe into retirement, he now shares this stunning collection with the world in the hopes that refined, sophisticated individuals will find as much joy in these unique, custom creations as he has. 



The Buttons

Seven Fortune Gods

Seven Fortune Gods  suit studs.

Seven Fortune Gods suit studs.

The Shichi-Fuku-Jin, "Seven Gods of Good Luck," is a group of Japanese deities traditionally thought to bring good fortune and happiness. The Gods have mixed origins, some of Chinese roots, others of Buddhist beginnings, one from India, and other from Shinto, the national Japanese religion. Together, they symbolize humankind's seven essential virtues: Longevity, Chance, Popularity, Frankness, Magnanimity, Dignity, and Kindness. Wear the one that resonates with you, or wear them all.  


Noh Masks

Noh Masks , cufflinks.

Noh Masks, cufflinks.

Noh Theater is a classical Japanese performance art form dating back to the 11th century. There are five varieties of Noh plays, each accompanied by a Noh mask representing the play: Gods, Demons, Men, Women, and the Elderly.